Whether it’s skydiving or organising a movie marathon, when there’s a will, there’s a way to fundraise for the King’s College Hospital Charity.  For Rebecca Thomas, the 'way' was a big chop: a very special haircut to say thanks to King’s for saving her very special boy.

When Dexter was born, Rebecca and Richard were told that their son needed urgent specialist care. Dexter was whisked away to King's College Hospital and diagnosed with hepatitis and an enlarged spleen.


At King’s, Dexter was given direct access to dieticians, specialists, and sonographers who all worked to ensure that he had the best care plan possible.  When his condition improved, Dexter was discharged to Paediatric Outpatients and his journey to recovery continued. 

Dexter was born with hepatitis and an enlarged spleen

Dexter doesn't remember a lot of his early memories King's, but does remember his visits to Paediatric Outpatients, having regular scans, blood tests, and check-ups.  Finally, after 4 years, Dexter was given the all-clear by his care team.


"The staff truly were amazing at making him feel settled and we are so grateful for everything they have done. We were gobsmacked by the level of care we received.”

Now that her little boy was well, Rebecca counted her blessings. But the memories of other families with children on the ward struggling with life-threatening conditions stuck with her.  


Rebecca started to think about ways she could fundraise for the King’s College Hospital Charity. 


"I can’t run very fast or swim very far. I can’t eat too much or stay silent. What I do have, that I love and that is a huge part of my personality, is my hair. That I can give."


Nine inches of Rebecca's long, blonde signature waves faced the chop, and her little champion, Dexter, was there to cheer her on.  


Not only did Rebecca's haircut raise over £1,200 for the Rays of Sunshine Ward and the Paediatric Outpatients, but she also donated the hair to the Little Princess Trust, which is a charity that provides real hair wigs to children and young people with hair loss.

Dexter is very proud of his Mum's fundraising efforts

Rebecca was thrilled with the final result.  


"I am just overwhelmed. I know the money will go such a long way in helping get some new toys for the children’s outpatients. I’m so thrilled it will make a difference and also that my hair will go to a little girl or boy who has lost their hair."


Dexter is very proud of Rebecca's new look. 


"I’m so proud of mummy for not only raising so much money to help the hospital that helped me, but for giving her hair to poorly children. I love Mummy’s hair but it’ll grow back!"

It's gone!

September 2020