Megan’s Disco

11.11.13 Categories: Patient stories, Supporter stories

King’s means a lot to Megan and her family. When Megan was a tiny baby she needed surgery to treat excess fluid in her brain. Since she was six years old, she has had on-going treatment for epilepsy, a neurological condition that causes seizures.

Unfortunately, Megan’s seizures worsened during 2011 and 2012. She was suffering from several a day and had to be rushed to hospital many times. In October last year, when she was nine, Megan underwent brain surgery to try to reduce the seizures.

‘The team at Kings were fantastic throughout a very traumatic time,’ says Megan’s mum Abi.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success.

‘Straightaway we saw a drastic improvement for Megan.  This had a knock-on effect for us as a whole family - we were able to relax far more.  Megan gained her confidence back and has returned to school.’

The surgery went so well that, just three months later, the family were able to go on holiday together to Center Parcs.

‘Megan and her sister Emily enjoyed swimming, bike rides and eating out together which were all things that we were unable to do before the brain surgery.  When we asked the girls what the best thing about the holiday was, Emily replied “We didn’t need to call a Paramedic!”’

Megan is now 10 years old, and receives on-going care at King’s as she continues her recovery.

To mark the first anniversary of Megan’s surgery and as a way of saying thank-you, the family decided to fundraise for the Lion Ward where Megan was cared for.

Since Megan and Emily both love to dance, they invited some friends for a disco party and cake sale.

‘We had 25 children dancing and playing party games and Megan burned up the dance floor!’ says Abi.

‘All the children enjoyed themselves, and many parents were happy to contribute cakes and cash to help out.’

Emily’s school also raised over £280 by holding a non-uniform day. In total, Megan and her family have raised just over £900 for Lion Ward.

‘As a family we will be eternally grateful for the life-changing surgery and after-care that the team at King’s gave Megan,’ says Abi.

‘It is difficult to put into words how thankful we are to the neurosurgeons, doctors and nurses.’

‘The best bit about fundraising for Kings was dancing with lots of children and mums. The money can help other children that are being looked after on Lion Ward.’ Megan, 10

‘I enjoyed fundraising for Kings College Hospital as it was lots of fun. I invited all of my friends to a disco and cake sale after school. We had lots of fun with dancing and party games. My school did a non-uniform day to help with our fundraising.  The total for the fundraising reached just over £640. We are very happy about it.’  Emily, 9 

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