24 Hours in A&E Series 2 Episode 4 Live Blog

06.06.12 Categories: 24 Hours in A&E

In the fourth episode of 24 Hours in A&E, we see the ways that men deal with pain and injury.

Join us here for our live blog, as the drama unfolds to reveal what really goes on in the emergency department of one of Britain's leading trauma centres, King's College Hospital.

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9.03 Episode 4 of the series has begun; it looks like it will be an interesting, but also moving episode!

9.04 Chris, a consultant, says A&E is “a bit like being in a jungle with a cacophony of sounds."

9.07 Fifty year old Jim has arrived in A&E after a fall at work and is in a lot of agony, his screams echo through the department despite Chris giving him plenty of pain relief.

9.09 Temi has now arrived in A&E and explains that he has accidently kicked a concrete block, mistaking it for a football, the nurse sends him for an x-ray to check whether or not his foot is broken.

9.10 Jim explains that although he was screaming like “a little girl” he couldn’t help it as he was in complete agony.

9.15 Temi is on his way back from his x-ray and scans show that he has broken his toe. He seems slightly more concerned about his appearance than his toe!

9.16 Laura, a nurse, says that she finds women deal with pain much better than men, women usually take some kind of pain relief but men don’t tend to bother.

9.18 Jim has had an x ray to show the extent of his shoulder injury and is still in a lot of pain. His shoulder is dislocated and even Chris is shocked at the extent of the injury. She tells him that he has been through the male equivalent of childbirth.

9.21 Pat and Alan are the latest arrivals to A&E, they have only spent one day apart in 49 years. In 2009 Alan lost his left leg but today his right leg has bought him into King’s. They have just returned from holiday in Goa and his right leg is extremely swollen.

9.25 The doctor tells Alan that he will need a scan to see whether or not they can discover the problem. Alan says that his biggest fear is losing his right leg.

9.27 Jim has taken anaesthetic which will knock him out for 10 minutes, in this time Chris and the team hope to put his shoulder back into place.

9.28 It takes five members of staff to pull his shoulder back into place!

9.29 Chris explains that when people are in that amount of pain they are not themselves, but when that pain has gone they are back to their normal self again. Jim apologises for the way he acted (and his swearing!) before they put his shoulder back into place.

9.36 Pat and Alan are waiting for Alan to be taken for his scan. An ultrasound will show whether or not his leg is at risk of deep vein thrombosis.

9.37 The doctor puts Pat’s mind at rest and lets him know that there isn't a clot in his leg, Jim says it’s the first time he has heard a pulse in his leg for 5 years.

9.39 Eighty-three year old James has a cyst on his knee that has left him housebound. James is refusing treatment and wants to go home. The staff try to explain to him that it is not safe to go home but he doesn’t want to listen. He says he is being treated like a "guinea pig."

9.41 Sister AnnMarie says her favourite patients are the elderly patients; she trys to make sure that it is always completely safe for them to go home. She says that these patients do not want to give up their independence.

9.44 King’s has a specialist stroke unit and sees more than 800 stroke patients every year.

9.45 Eighty -one year old Rose is the latest addition to A&E and has suffered a stroke.

9.46 Sister Jen talks about her nan, what an incredible woman and role model she was and how devastated she was when she passed away. She says that she sometimes just likes to give her elderly patients a hug.

9.53 Sister AnnMarie says working in A&E has been difficult and frustrating but has changed her as a person, she says that she now doesn’t take life for granted.

9.57 Staff tell Rose that they have discovered a small stroke on the right side of her brain and some numbness on the left side too, she will definitely need to stay at King’s overnight and possibly for a few days.

9.59 Despite the stroke (and being in hospital) Rose ended up celebrating her 93rd birthday in style! Pat, Alan and his £10,000 leg are already planning the next trip aboard, Pat calls his leg 'stumpy.' Jim is treading more carefully to avoid falling into another hole, he jokes that if the pain that he went through is like childbirth, then what are woman complaining about!

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